Back To School | A New Routine, New Challenges | September in the Keenan Crew Kitchen | Let’s Do This

A BIG Heeeeyyyyyyyy from over here!  It’s been a while… like a waaaaay too long while.  There’s been so much going on!  Opening a new studio, Hurricane Florence (boooo…), Back to School…And, the oncoming of Fall <3  I truly LOVE Fall.

I get super excited about bulky sweaters and boots, bonfires and roasted marshmallows, trips to the pumpkin patch, warm soups and crock pot meals…oh my, the list goes on.  But, one of the things that I often struggle with in the Fall is shoving myself and the family into the new routine of school, sports, dance, yada yada.  And, I’m telling you… If we do not get a grip before the end of Daylight Savings Time then the struggle becomes real.  I know you know.

In my last poll, mom’s and dad’s alike asked for tips and tricks to managing life with kids as business owners.  One of my most repeated answers is to “plan ahead.”  Use a paper calendar (I have a favorite…feel free to message me for details).  Make decisions.  And, stick to them.  Routine is good for everyone…not just children.  And, let’s be super honest with ourselves for a minute.  Whether you own your own business or not…this adulting thing is challenging!  Especially when your raising little people that will one day find themselves adulting.

Sooo…. having said all of that…

Part of our family’s organization of Fall is meal planning.  We do this year round, but are a lot more laid back with changes to our schedule during the summer months.  Throughout the school year, I plan a month in advance and shop once a week.  And unless something major comes up, we stick to the schedule.  No time or food wasted. (Check!!)  The kids are part of the planning and our meals are built around the diet that our family chooses to follow and the foods that we cannot eat.  Our menu is preservative free, heavy on fruits and veggies, and low on meats and milk products (we use some dairy-based cheese and yogurt that are low or lactose free).  The menu is simple and affordable. (Check!!)  The meals are designed for the kids to be able to either make them themselves or contribute in some way.  For us, family meals are the most important part of our day.  With our crew running in so many directions, having the time to sit down for a short while and just be is crucial.  So, including the kids in meal prep (yes… even little Camille helps out!) is an important contribution to our lifestyle and teachings.  And, we find that this type of planning makes for less stops for fast food or food that will upset our balance; saving money and unhappy bellies. (Check!!)

I have included what is left of September’s in The Keenan Crew’s Kitchen meal calendar.  And, I will get October’s out before the start of the month.  This part of life is something that a lot of us struggle with.  I still play with our meal calendar every month, pushing our family to try new things and hold healthy eating habits. But, what works for our crew, may not work well for yours.  But, I’m hoping this will inspire other parents that struggle in the meal department to get creative and try new things.  And, if you do…please share!

Until next time~

Happy Meal Planning!