Tips for Planning a Successful Family Photo Session

Family.  That word means so many things to so many people.  And, one of the most fun pieces of family photography is having the opportunity to interact and get to know so many different types of families with all different types of back grounds. For me, family is about love, care, and relationships. So, no matter who you consider family… just your other half and the kiddos… or a large group of long-time friends, I get excited to capture your time on camera.

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Planning your family photo session? Awesome!!  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Showcase You. Every family has their own, unique relationships. It’s what makes each of us one of a kind! Think through what you enjoy doing together, what makes you tick, and where you share your most laughs.  Do you enjoy taking walks among the beach? Or, perhaps you have a shared passion for music? These are personalized details that can help pick location, design a theme, and give me an idea of what to chat about during our time together 😉
  • Natural Appearances. When it comes to your family photo session, there are no rules on what to wear!  Be natural! Choose outfits that you are comfortable, clean, and are your favorites!  It is one of the biggest stressors of putting together my personal family portraits each year…but, also one of the most fun pieces…picking out the outfits!!  #Tip : Select a Color Pallet First.  Then, select outfits for each participant within that color pallet.  This rule of thumb gives everyone the ability to fit the necessary mold of the images…but, still feel themselves (which is super important). What to Avoid:  Any clothing that is too flashy, contains logos, or character designs.  Simple is good.  Let the focus of your photos be you and your crew!
  • A Comfortable Setting. North Carolina is beautiful! This makes finding an awesome location pretty darn easy!  Shoreline, Park, Backyard, Pier, Lighthouse?? We are not at a loss of options when it comes to choosing an amazing location as your backdrop. With the right setting, your images will present nothing but what you’re after! Awesome images to hang, print, and share.

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Are you ready to book your own family photographer in Outer Banks, North Carolina? If so, please contact me here at Sarah Keenan Creative. I would be so excited with the opportunity to work with your crew!


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