Reasons Why You Should Have First-Look Photos on Your Wedding Day

Hello, hello! And, Happy Fall everyone. Sitting here staring at my computer interested in Fall, but still feeling this Summer weather. But, realizing that this is amazing news for all of our couples getting married this Fall. Maybe the mild temps will stick around through the end of October and we will enjoy a nice Fall-ish November (fingers crossed).

Planning your wedding? Helping your daughter or a friend? Then I am certain that one of the points being considered is the…

The First Look…

Do We or Do We Not? That is the Question…There are so many magical moments that will take place on your wedding day (and I seriously love them all!). They are once in a lifetime experiences; moments that will create your story. Hoping that your happily ever after will feel perfect, you will take the time to plan each and every detail. And, one of those details to plan is the first time you will see your partner.  And, the reasons behind each individual decision is powerful and personal. There is no right or wrong. That is an absolute certain. And, nobody should talk you into a decision that doesn’t feel right for the two of you.

BUT – if you are considering a First Look…or, on the fence. Read on, my friends. Read on!

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While we all wish we had photographic memories, and the ability to never forget any details in life, this typically isn’t the case! But, through photography, you can ensure that no special moment will go without recognition.

With so many special moments to capture, you certainly won’t want to overlook any of them! However, there is one photo session that will do your wedding album justice, and that would be the first-look photo session! If you are curious to learn what makes these photos so wonderful, you are in luck! As here at Sarah Keenan Creative, I have gathered some reasons as to why you should take part in your own first-look photo session. Be sure to continue reading to discover all of the details:

  • Ease Those Pre-Wedding Jitters. On your wedding day, you will experience a wave of emotions! Smiles, laughter, tears of happiness, butterflies in your stomach…this can be incredibly overwhelming (but in a good way!). You have the opportunity to ease your pre-wedding jitters by taking part in a first-look photo session. After all, is there anyone who can calm your nerves better than your special someone? You can have an intimate moment alone together before your walk down the aisle.
  • No Intrusions. The moment your partner lays his eyes on you for the first time to be magical! However, making your way down the aisle has its pesky intrusions. With a first-look photo session, you can avoid guests getting in the way, or being too far away from your partner for him to really grasp the moment. This way, when he lays his eyes on you for the first time, his entire focus will be solely on you, and you can capture each and every heartfelt emotion expressed.
  • Intimate Photos. You will have an array of photos captured on your big day! But, first-look photos will certainly be the most intimate. Your partner may see you every day, but as a bride, it will be a whole new experience. The emotions that he will present will be once in a lifetime! Whether it’s a smile or tears of joy, you will be able to fully embrace the romance, allowing you to capture truly intimate photos.

Your wedding photography will be how you will remember your big day! Therefore, you will certainly want to be presented with a stunning array of images. These are just a few of the many reasons as to why you should have a first-look photo session on your own wedding day.

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Here at Sarah Keenan Creative, as an experienced wedding photographer in Outer Banks, North Carolina, I understand the importance of quality wedding photography, and would be honored with the opportunity to capture your beautiful day and your personal story. If you are ready to book your Raleigh wedding photographer or an amazing Outer Banks Photography team, please get in touch with me today.  I can’t wait to hear more about your story!


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