Meet Ashley and Carter | Our Outer Banks Wedding Photography Giveaway Winners 2014


We learned a few weeks ago that Ashley and Carter were the winners of our Outer Banks Wedding Expo Giveaway.  This super cute couple won 50% off of any of our wedding packages.  Since the drawing, I have had the best time getting to know this couple and their families!  I asked Ashley and Carter to send me a quick shot of the two of them along with a little bio to share with our readers on who they are, how they met, etc.  Well, they did just that…and, they added a fun spin on the idea.

So thank you, Ashley and Carter!!  We can’t wait for the big day 🙂

Introducing the Winners!!

Ashley and Carter In Love

Our Story

Our story begins back in 1998, Ashley was a fizzy haired 7th grader and Carter was a skinny 8th grade skater boy. We were friends throughout high school and began dating in October 2004. Carter is now a graphic designer for Franklin Street Marketing and Ashley teaches Yoga at her studio One Love Yoga.

We got engaged July 26th, 2013 in Hatteras, NC and will be getting married May 15th, 2015 in Corova, NC. For our honeymoon, we will be traveling through Italy and Switzerland, with stops in Amsterdam and Paris along the way.

We have complied a list of our firsts, favorites and our differences so you can get to know us a bit more.

Our Firsts:

First Movie-Ocean’s 11

First Anniversary Date-Tavern on the Rail

First TV show-Futurama

First pet-Lola our boxer/pit mix

First vacation- Ocean Isle, NC

First Kiss-Monument Ave

First sports event- Richmond Braves

First concert-Virgin Mobile Festival

Our Favorites:

Favorite Show-Breaking Bad

Favorite Restaurant-The Tavern

Favorite music artist-Atmosphere

Favorite grown-up beverage-Crown Royal

Favorite vacation- Bahamas

Favorite meal-Spaghetti (hers baked, his plain)

Favorite thing to bet on-Fantasy Football

Favorite way to settle a score-Rock Paper Scissors

We just can’t seem to agree on:

Best football team-   Carter: San Diego Chargers  Ashley: Denver Broncos

Mountain or Beach- Carter: Mountains          Ashley: Beach

Organized or Chaos- Carter: Organized          Ashley: Chaos

Snowboard or Ski- Carter: Snowboard          Ashley: Ski

One dog or two-     Carter: One               Ashley: Two  (Carter and Lola won this battle)


Until Next Time~