Sexy Props to Utilize for your Boudoir Photo Session

A boudoir photo session is a wonderful way for you to express yourself as a woman! After all, you are absolutely gorgeous, and should flaunt all of your beautiful characteristic.

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However, while you are stunning all on your own, know that you can add a dash of fun and excitement to your boudoir photos by utilizing some sexy props!

I love planning photo sessions to be one of a kind! That’s why, here at Sarah Keenan Creative, I have gathered some sexy props that you could choose to present throughout your own boudoir photos. Would you like to discover what they are? If your answer is yes, be sure to continue reading:

  • Dig into His Closet. Do you plan to present your boudoir photos to your significant other? If so, dig into his closet! Discover a button-up business shirt, tie, a watch, and even glasses, as a way to add some professional sex appeal to your boudoir photos.
  • A Little Risqué. Take a stroll on the wild side by incorporating some risqué props into your boudoir photo session! Items such as feathers, whips, chains, and handcuffs can add a great deal of fun to your images.
  • Amp Up the Glam. If you have a love of the sparkly and shiny things in life, choose to adorn yourself with gaudy jewelry, diamonds, or pearls! These sexy accessories are a great way to showcase a glamorous sense of style and add a great deal of sexiness to your boudoir photos.

Your boudoir photos deserve to be unique to you and your personality! These are just a few props that you could choose to showcase throughout your own images.

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So, if you are all set to have your beautiful self captured with a boudoir photographer in Outer Banks, North Carolina, please get in touch with me here at Sarah Keenan Creative. As a Raleigh boudoir photographer, I would be honored with the opportunity to assist you with owning your femininity.


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