4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

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I absolutely love my job!  Most days I don’t even feel like it is a “real job.”  Don’t get me wrong… there is a TON of time, effort, sweat (and, sometimes tears) that goes in behind the scenes.  I sometimes ask myself if I could imagine doing anything else.  And, when the answer is over and over again the same…NO WAY!  I know that I’m in the right spot.  I LOVE being a family and wedding photographer! There is just no two ways about it!  I imagine that this is one of the many reasons I’m super pationate about making meaningful, beautiful images for my clients.  With so many moments to capture on such a wedding day, any couple would certainly want to ensure the outcome of their images. For this reason… it is super important to select your photographer with your needs and personality in mind.

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Soooo…. how do you select the best photographers for your wedding day?

As an experienced photographer, once bride, and mother, I really, REALLY understand just how important it is to present couples with spectacular images from their big day! That’s why, here at Sarah Keenan Creative, I have gathered three things that you should consider when choosing your own wedding photographer.

  • Do You Love Their Style? Every photographer has their own style when it comes to their photography! In fact style and personality are the two things that separate most photographers.  Let’s be realistic for a moment.  You have a TON of options for your photography coverage.  Everyone from newbies to experienced photogs, quiet, behind the scene photogs, those that will get out and dance with you at your reception, leaders, followers, photojournalists, portrait style photogs…and EVERYTHING in-between!!  Having said that- good questions to ask your self…What vision do you have for your wedding photography; Light and airy or deep and dramatic? Do the photographers you are looking at complement your vision? Take a look at their galleries among their website and social media sites, to see if their photos are the right fit for your big day. Take a look at your and your partner’s personalities, as well as those that will play big roles in your wedding day.  Then read the bios and blogs for the photogs you are looking at.  Is it a match made in heaven?  Ha!  Or, at least one that makes good sense for a comfortable 4-10 hours on your wedding day?
  • How Are Their Reviews & Recommendations? The best way to gain insight about a potential wedding photographer that you have your eye on is to see what previous couples have to say about them! So, take a look at the reviews among their testimonials page on their website, along with their Facebook page. After all, is there a better way to gain confidence in a wedding photographer than by getting real insight from couples who have previously had wonderful experiences with them?
  • Are They Dedicated? Your wedding photographer should be dedicated to their trade! As if they are, then they will treat your wedding day as if it is their own. Avoid choosing a photographer who only captures weddings as a hobby, as you will want a dedicated professional to present you with quality images from your big day.
  • Meet with Your Potential Photographers Before your Wedding Day.  We know this is not always an option.  But, if given the opportunity schedule engagement portraits or bridal portraits.  This is by far the best and most fun way to check out your photographer.

By choosing the right wedding photographer, you will be incredibly pleased with the outcome of your photos and much more relaxed on your wedding day! These are just a few things that you should consider when choosing yours.

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If you are all set to capture your own happily ever after with a premier wedding photographer in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, please get in touch with me here at Sarah Keenan Creative. We also cover and would be honored with the opportunity to be your Raleigh wedding photographer.

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