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You are graduating!! An achievement that marks the start of a new journey and words you have been anxiously awaiting for at least 2-3 year…right??!  Now is the time to celebrate, and share the news with all of your friends and family. And, there is no better way to do so then by having your senior portraits captured?  But, let me also say this…Senior Portraits should NOT be boring…they should NOT be run-of-the-mill…

Side note- I really dislike the use of the word “should.”  But, I feel so passionately that Senior Portraits can stand out that I had to use the terrible “should” word twice!!  Ha!  Forgive me, please.

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Use your senior portraits for announcements, invitations, social media posts, or gifts.  In fact, everyone in your tribe will want to see this fabulous you… there is no doubt.

Sooo…. the big question: How do me create awesome Senior Portraits?  Well- that’s why you hired us.  It’s our job to help make this happen.

We’ve done this a time or two…or 200-ish.  Here are some experienced-based tips to make this easy and fun (awesome images is our main goal…but, having fun is a super close second)!

  • Showoff Your Style. Embrace your fabulous self…. Then, show it off! Your clothing choices will allow you to express your personality. However, when choosing your outfits, it would be best to avoid wearing large logos.  The focus of your photos should be on you and not your clothing. Bring a few outfits to add some diversity to your images.  I typically recommend something a little formal, something super fun, and something that you feel totally defines you.  When you are comfortable with what you are wearing, you will be more comfortable in your images.
  • Plan Ahead.  I knoooooowwwww…I’m likely sounding a little like your parents on this one.  Here is a secret…I am a parent…and, a parent to teenagers.  So, its hard to not sound a little like one.  😉  Another secret- I can be a procrastinator.  I’ll just say that the majority of my crew are procrastinators.  Grrrr…. But here is one time that it really will pay-off to plan ahead. And, don’t feel like you have to plan ahead on your own.  Call me.  Text me.  Let’s plan together.  I want your ideas.  I want to know you and what you want from your images.  If you have a plan and I have a plan- we can’t go wrong.
  • Choose a Location. North Carolina is beautiful! Beaches, parks, farms, awesome city scapes; you have an array of incredible locations to choose from for your Senior Portraits. Think through your favorite locations.  To where do you like to venture? What is your comfort zone?  Let’s go there!
  • Have Some Fun! No stuffy portraits! In fact, this is your opportunity to have a lot of fun! Sports? Instruments? Games?  Hobbies?? If so, showcase them throughout your senior portraits by utilizing props. Grab that football, play that guitar, or bring along some books, a keyboard, your cell phone, a chess board!  I don’t care what…If it says something about you…Bring It!  And, add some personalization to your images.

Senior portraits will be an awesome addition to your last year of high school! These are just a few tips to assist you in preparing for yours.

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If you are all set to have your own photos captured by a senior portrait photographer in Outer Banks, North Carolina, please get in touch with me here at Sarah Keenan Creative. As a Raleigh senior portrait photographer, I would be so excited to capture this wonderful milestone in your life.


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