Sometimes It Rains | Sarah Keenan Creative, Personally

Sometimes it Rains.

Sitting, looking out my desk window this morning, I’m looking at dark gray skies, blowing trees, and pouring rain. With the threat of Hurricane Joaquin many Outer Banks Weddings have been cancelled or rescheduled. They have started a mandatory evacuation of Ocracoke and many Fall vacations have been put on hold.

Certainly not the ideal circumstances for our little strip of sand. Weeks like these are tough. They are tough on everyone, business owners, government workers, and tourists alike. They are stressful financially, physically, and emotionally. But the fact is, sometimes it rains.

Today’s Sarah Keenan Creative, Personally blog post was suppose to be about Passion. The importance of this blog topic came to me as I thought over a past experience of mine. I sat at a coffee gathering of photographers. The conversation was light, the coffee hot and tasty, when one photographer made the statement that she hated the word “passion.” She went on to say that it was extremely overused. The conversation went down that path. And, as I listened I heard the adults of this group converse about their opinion of the definition and use of this word “Passion.”

Now, while this occurred awhile back, I have not been able to get the conversation out of my head. Mostly because I was saddened by the overall feeling about the word and, somewhat, because I entirely disagreed with the general group consensus. I thought to myself, “what is anything we do with out passion?” It is my passion for my family that drives me up early every morning to care for them and spend time together. It is passion for my work that gives me the hours and hours of energy necessary to do this job. It is a passion for life that stirs me to keep moving when it starts to rain…

In fact, when I look at my children and their successes and failures, I can often track the outcome back to how passionate they were about whatever it was they were pursuing. When I look at my own personal successes and failures, I see the same.  It also seems that when life gets busy or tough, it is easy to become complacent, passion-less, tired.

So, perhaps it isn’t that Passion is overused or ill-defined. Perhaps, it is just that our passion sometimes gets washed away by the rain.

We already established as fact, that sometimes it rains. Each one of us knows that personally. Throughout life, rain washes out plans of all kinds. Sometimes the rain storms are expected or foreseeable. Sometimes, they are pop-up showers… And, sometimes they carry with them high winds and lightening. Some are more destructive than others. And, some just leave you standing in a puddle of water.

My thoughts on Passion? We need it. It is what keeps us human. It is what gives us purpose. Passion allows us to serve others happily and peacefully. So find it. Use it. Share it. Give it away. Well… and while the rain is going to come and go, if each of us can find a passionate focus, we can endure the rain, pick-up the mess the rain and wind leaves behind, and look for the opportunity after the storm. Sometimes it rains. But, sometimes that rain leaves a rainbow.

Passion. Yes!


Until Next Time~