Surviving Portraits with the Kiddos- Family Portraits 101 | Sarah Keenan Creative

Hey there!  I hope life is treating you kindly.  I’m glad you’ve stopped by this post.  I imagine you’re here for a reason 🙂  If I was a betting gal (which, thankfully I’m not!! lol), I would bet you’re planning family portraits and have some kiddo involved.  Yes??  Alright!!  Well, you’re in the right spot.  I TOTALLY get it- they are the LOVES of your life, the LIGHT of your day, the PURPOSE for which you rise…BUT… how in the world will you make it through family portraits with a teenager, a pre-teen, a toddler, and a baby??!  Well, this is how we rock all the time…And, I promise– we WILL have fun!

Family Portraits with children can seem stressful. But, HOORAY!! It really doesn’t have to be! Here is a little experience-wisdom that can take your portraits experience from a dreaded event to an experience you look forward to each year:

Tip for Planning Family Portraits with Kids in Mind

1) Plan Ahead- Sounds Silly, We ALL know to plan ahead. But, really- plan meals and naps according to your portrait time and the time you will need to start the dressing process. A well rested, non-rushed child makes for a happier kiddo and a much less-stressed parent.

2) Bring a FAVORITE snack! If for no other reason than a smile tactic- having something easy and yummy on hand can prevent meltdowns and bring-on the smiles…yay!!

3) Dress with your environment in mind. If your child is overly hot or really chilly, it can be difficult for them to pay attention and cooperate…Hey…Even I don’t want to smile when I’m frozen

4) Hire a photographer that has an A+ record with kiddos (hey!!  That’s us!).  We want to have fun with our families and engage children as part of the group immediately- reading a child for whom is going to be our energizer bunny and whom may be on the shy side. Connecting with the photographer is equally as important for your kids as it is for you.

5) Does your Toddler have a favorite toy?  Bring it!   Is your pre-teen’s hand glued to their iPhone?  Bring it!   Do earbuds grow out of your teenager’s ears?  Bring it!  Here is the real deal… we will ask them to put down items when it is time for them to be center stage.  In the meantime, happy kids make happy pictures.  Let them bring what drives their smiles… we will work out the rest.

6) MOST Importantly- Relax. Kids will feel your stress. Portraits are fun and made purely of experiences and memories. Let your kiddos be themselves. And, we will capture exactly that…the awesome little people that they are

With Faith and Perseverance, #BringIt~

Sarah, Sarah Keenan Creative