Tips to Assist You with Preparing Your Family Photo Session

I absolutely adore my family! Just as you most likely cherish yours too! I mean, how could you not? Family is always there for you, through thick and thin, as each member adds a great deal of brightness to your life.

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However, while bittersweet, time passes! We all age, grow, change, evolve…but, you can stop time in its tracks and capture the moment with a family photo session!

Are you aware of how to go about planning your own family photo session? If not, you are in luck! As here at Sarah Keenan Creative, I have gathered some great tips. Be sure to read on to gain some wonderful advice:

  • Location. Location. First off, you will want to discover the perfect setting for your family to embark on your photography journey. Do you have a park that you like to frequent? Or, perhaps the beach? What about any hobby you all share? Such as your love of sports? You can use these settings for your family photo session! As a way to add some meaning to your images.
  • A Sense of Style. Each member of your family most likely has their own sense of style! However, for your family photo session, you will want to ensure that the outfits you choose complement one another. But, you don’t want your ensembles to entirely match. Just remember, you don’t have to dress up in a suit and tie for your images, just be YOU! In addition, bring a long a couple outfits, so that you can showcase some diversity throughout your photos.
  • A Dash of Fun. Add some fun to your images with props! They are a great way to let members of your family express themselves Whether you have a love of sports or music, know that you can bring along your football and guitar, and incorporate them into your images. What a great way to add even more meaning to your photos!

With family photos, you can embrace this wonderful time in your life with your loved ones! These are just a few tips to assist you with planning your own family photo session.

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If you are ready to capture your own family with a Raleigh family photographer, please get in touch with me here at Sarah Keenan Creative. As a family photographer in Outer Banks, North Carolina, I would be pleased to preserve your most precious memories.


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