Reasons to Have an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

Walking down the aisle, vowing your love to your partner, sealing it with a kiss; most amazing day ever! This once in a lifetime event is certainly one to hold on to!

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Seeing as there are no “do-overs” when it comes to your wedding day, you can’t miss capturing a single moment! After all, you will want a collection of those fabulous photos to complete your album.

And, because your wedding images are so SUPER important, it is important to remember that your wedding ceremony is a truly intimate event, and should only be captured only professionally. That’s why, here at Sarah Keenan Creative, I have gathered some reasons as to why we say YES! to an unplugged wedding ceremony.

So…What is an Unplugged Ceremony??  It simply means that you ask your guests to not use their cell phones, iPads, etc to photograph or record your wedding.  It seems silly but it is becoming more important to ask your guests to leave their cell service out of the ceremony.  One of my biggest frustrations in the perfect first kiss, beautiful skies, newly wed couple, a gorgeous wide-angle shot…And, then everyone’s cell phone’s sticking out in the isle.  Does it block the image of the first kiss?  No.  But, it does do two things: 1) Keeps your guests from cheering and enjoying that awesome moment and 2) Puts Cell Phones and iPads all down the center isle on your image.  Booooo…..

  • No Intrusions. How terrible would it be if you were making your way down the aisle and one of your guests stepped right out in the view of you and your partner or in front of your photographer because they were trying to capture their own photos?  It happens alllllll of the time!  It is frustrating to your photographers.  And, can ruin such a special moment being caught on your professional’s camera! And, no…I can’t imagine anyone would step in the way on purpose.  They are just SUPER excited about this moment and want to share it on SM as soon as possible!!  Ha!  Buuut- it still takes away from what you hired your photogs to do.  By having an unplugged wedding ceremony, you can ensure that no guest will accidentally take away from the images your photographer is taking during your special event.
  • Be a Little More in Control.  I learned the photography world when film was the only option.  And, while film is super vintage-cool, I love digital….And, here is why:  If you don’t love an image, you don’t use it.  When we provide you with your gallery of images, we provide it only to you.  Then you get to select who you forward the link to. (can I get a yay!!?)  Don’t like an image- delete it, hide it…we don’t mind!  Then share all your favs with family and friends.  Maybe you don’t want that image of you laughing so hard during your ceremony that you look like you have three chins all over the internet…I use this example because it happens to me, personally, all of the time!  When I laugh, I pull my chin in and look hilarious…but, not a look I love to share with others!  lol   We all have those pesky images that we would rather not have shared with the world. By having an unplugged wedding ceremony, you will be in control of your photos.
  • Ways to Notify. If you are choosing to have an unplugged wedding ceremony, you will need to notify your guests of your decision. A great way to do so is by presenting a sign at the entrance of your venue which showcases your choice. Or, you can choose to showcase the details in your invitations.

By having an unplugged wedding ceremony, you can have confidence that your special moments will only be captured professionally!

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Here at Sarah Keenan Creative, as a wedding photographer in both the Outer Banks and bRaleigh, North Carolina, I understand just how important it is to preserve the memories from such a special day. So, if you are all set to book your own Outer Banks wedding photographer, please get in touch with me today, as I would be more than honored to capture your once in a lifetime memories.


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