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Hello, hello! And, happy Tuesday to each of you! Today’s What’s Trending Wedding blog is about florals…And, who doesn’t love amazing flowers?!

Flowers can add beauty to the bride herself and the overall wedding atmosphere.  From romantic garden roses to beautiful locally picked flowers, an Outer Banks bride can have just about any flower she wants for her Outer Banks wedding!

Let’s take a look at some of the most awesome floral trends in weddings for 2015!!

Sarah Keenan Creative had the honor of speaking with Page Roper, owner of a local Outer Banks floral design company, the Flower Girls. Page shared with us the passion she has for her job and was also kind enough to give us some insight on some upcoming trends that she has noticed as a floral designer. According to Page, a top upcoming floral trend in the wedding industry is flower crowns. She says that her team at Flower Girls loves to make them and that they are becoming more popular. Flower crowns can be worn on the bride, the bridesmaids, the flower girls, mothers/grandmothers of the bride and groom, and guests of the wedding! They can take the place of a veil. Or, even be a part of the veil! They are gorgeous headpieces that look beautiful on everyone!


Little pretty girl in white dress and wreath sits in yelllow arbor and smiles.


Another trend that the Flower Girls shared with the Sarah Keenan Creative Events team is the “Just Picked” look, using locally grown flowers. These could include bouquets and decorations including flowers such as hydrangeas, delphinium, daisies, chrysanthemums, peonies, poppies, etc. In addition to these aforementioned flowers, Page shared with us that the use of garden roses are a huge hit! Garden Roses add a very romantic feel to the wedding atmosphere. Still looking for an amazing way to incorporate that “Just Picked” look? Check out this gorgeous idea, a wedding arch with flowers intertwined throughout!


Beautiful wedding arch on the beach



The “Just Picked” look isn’t you? Looking for a style that is simple, classy, elegant? A trend that the Sarah Keenan Creative team is simply in love with is utilizing all white flowers. Oftentimes this look incorporates the greenery from gorgeous white blooms, and that’s it!

Bride holding red roses bouquet

Add some color by including 2015 Wedding Trend colors in a soft creamy palette and marsala (doesn’t that just sound amazing??!), a deep red.



Bouquet of flowers


Located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, we would be remiss to leave out one of the most popular wedding trends for our area, that beachy, tropical look. We have noticed that there is a current trend in using blues and corals for wedding flowers. These vibrant colors have been seen the most frequently in beach weddings, but would look just beautiful in a church wedding, a wedding in the woods, or a simple backyard wedding. In addition to the trend of blues and corals, Page told us that for more tropical weddings, it is popular for the bride to choose to use the tropical flower, Protea, mixed with other flowers.




As for bouquets as a whole, Flower Girls agreed with us that the clean look, round-mounded bouquets are coming back as a trend in wedding flowers. In addition to this, Page told us that she has noticed cotton becoming popular in the brides’ bouquets.

Choosing the floral designs for a wedding is such an important part of the event planning. Flowers add character, elegance, romance, and beauty to the special day. The three questions that the team at Flower Girls always asks their brides are: 1) What is your color scheme? 2) What is your budget? 3) What is your favorite flower?  Great food for thought…So many fun things to think about!!

Thank you, Flower Girls, for taking time to share with us!!

Until Next Time~

Bethany, Sarah Keenan Creative