Pet Photography

The Purr-fect Pet Portraits

Show Your Pet Some Love with Professional Pet Photography

Our pets mean so much to us – they are part of the family and create lots of memories. Our pet photography sessions are so much fun to put together. Even the animals enjoy it! We make it interesting so they don’t walk away, fall asleep, start chewing or scratching at the furniture. Throw us a bone and we’ll throw one back – the result will be some amazing shots of your favorite furry friends. Take a walk through our pet photos.

Pet Photography Pricing – $299

The time we spend with our pets is no less important than the time spend with any other family member. The Sarah Keenan Creative Staff families include pups, cats, chickens, horses, fish, hamsters, birds and a goat…just to name a few. Our critters are our best friends, most loyal companions and oftentimes, entertainers of the entire family. That’s why Sarah Keenan Creative offers an affordable way to capture images of your furry or feathery friends! (Sorry, we do not work with snakes! Eek!)

The Pet Portraits include:

  • Approximately 40 minutes of photography
  • Complimentary download of all Edited Images
  • Print Rights to your Images
  • Online Viewing

“The Greatness of a Nation and Its Moral Progress can be Judged by the Way Its Animals are Treated”