Lifestyle and Event Photography

Lifestyle and Event Photo Sessions

Capture Images that Tell Your Story

At Sarah Keenan Creative, our sessions are highly creative!  Using color, design, the beauty of nature and your own experiences, we can expose a personality, a relationship and many emotions. With the beautiful backdrop of the Outer Banks in our backyard, we use it to the fullest!  Our beachfront photography combines the natural setting of the sea and sand with crisp clothing, soft smiles and the characteristics that make your lifestyle photos truly your own.

  • Get silly
  • Have fun
  • Be beautiful
  • Love your world
  • Live in the moment

Have fun with your photo session.  Nervous about getting in front of the camera?  No sweat – our motley crew is more than willing to get a little silly if you need some encouragement or motivation.  We’ve been known to hand out a task or two to get the ideas flowing or simply bring something to your attention that captures the moment or flatters your figure!  This is how we begin to build a scene for each photo we create.  We have lots of material to work with…we don’t miss a single detail!  It’s the details that become pieces of your story.  What’s Your Story?

Lifestyle and Event Photography Pricing

Lifestyle Photography is a documentary style of photography that captures the place, time and people in their normal life-like setting. Lifestyle photography celebrates individuals in their day-to-day surroundings. These photojournalistic images are perfect for a family day at the beach, a weekend at home, decorating for the holidays, a stroll through the woods, baking cookies with loved ones or time at the park. The Sarah Keenan Creative photography team will capture the snuggles, laughs and emotions shared during this relaxed time with your loved ones. These images are perfect for family albums and scrapbooks.

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Event Photography Pricing

Sarah Keenan Creative Event Photography is perfect for family reunions, retirement parties, baby and wedding showers, anniversary celebrations and birthday parties. Don’t miss a moment of your event! Allow our team to creatively capture each memory as it unfolds.

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